Who we are

GNX Digital is an ultra-modern digital designing and printing company in Mumbai. We have a team of expert creative designers with expertise in Pharmaceutical visual aid designing, SEO, and Digital Marketing domain. 
We understand your needs, whether you are an entrepreneur, startup, or an established pharma company. Our clients are all over India as well abroad like African country and middle east. Instead of in-house designing, most clients in the pharma industries like to design pharma visual aid online.

We have collaborated with the best pharma visual aid printing company in Mumbai for a long time, this synergy provides the best Mumbai quality and affordable visual aid for pharma companies.
We follow the latest trend in the pharmaceutical industry and are always trying new experiments to set the trend. Our out-of-the-box thinking makes our client's visual aid unique and a sales generator.


Our mission is to digitize industries, using creativity and innovation with the latest software technology. And to set ourselves as a part of digital India.


Replacing the traditional marketing collateral into digital format in near future and help to make a paperless world. 

Our Team

Digital Marketer

Harsh Vardhan

Harsh Vardhan is new-age digital marketing, Instagram ad, YouTube, and Facebook advertising expert.

Creative Head

Reshma K.

Reshma has a 8-year of experience in designing in the Pharma, FMCG, and Agriculture sectors. 

Video Editor

Vipin Rana

Vipin Rana is a bachelor in mass media and having experience in Video editing.


Pharma e Visual aid is a Visual aid in electronic format for presenting slides on tablets or iPad. Normally it comes with slides, animation, and voice-over. some are enable e-detailing and e-reporting software. Printed Visual aids are costly and not customized once it printed, while e visual aid is easy to customize and cost-effective. 

Designing Charges are per product, it cost 500 to 2000 Rs depending on scientific trial, design  number of slides per product. And if it is with e-Reporting software then it will come with a license and charges will increase accordingly.       

Our Clientele 


Graphic Designing

Web Design and SEO

Digital Marketing

Video Editing Service 

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