How to design Pharma Visual aid ?

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Admin : 10-10-2021   5 minute read
Visual aid is like AK-47 of Pharma Sales force. It also known as medical representative visual aid.
All the pharma companies have there own sales force with well equipped with visual aid of pharma products and other marketing collateral. They do a lot of training to target their audience, mostly doctors.

Types of Pharma Visual aid 

Visual aid come in many forms
1. Spiral Visual aid
2. Book Folder visual aid
3. E - Visual aid for tablet of laptop or Mobile 
are the main form of Visual aid 

Structure of a Visual aid pages

There is a layout of a Book type visual aid folder step-by-step designing process. New designers can follow these steps and can design a professional pharmaceutical Visual aid.
The page size of a visual aid: The page size of a standard book type visual should be 12" x 18" Inches. If the page is more than 20 then, decrease the size.
Colour Scheme and Font: Choose the Colour scheme of visual aid that should similar to the packaging of a product, so it will essay to memories to the doctor. As the font suggestion, I suggest my favorite font Swis 721 CN BT (Normal), and all swis font families. 
Step 1.: Visual aid can be started with the Indication, Data, Emotional punch line, Introduction of a product, or punch line about the concept in attractive typography font. (Typography font list)
Step 2.: On the left side of the visual aid pages should be a high-resolution conceptual image relating to the products or an impressive info-graphic can explain and relate the Importance of that particular brand. Images in the box or merged with transparent effect with the page is not a professional way. The image always should be without background, If not then remove it. A killer Image can highlight a brand and boosts the sales.
Step 3.: An attractive brand name should be placed on the full page on the right side. Brand name and colour should be matched with exact as in packaging carton or label.

Visual aid of pharma products

Step 4.: Incorporate the mechanism of products. compression with another molecule. show by graph if possible.
Step 5.: Indication can be added after the mechanism of action.
Step 6.: Put the dosage
Step 7.: References should be arranged left side of the page
Step 8.: The closing line relating salt (Molecule) and your Visual aid page are ready now.     
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