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Pharmaceutical companies are rapidly replacing the traditional paper printed Visual Aid with digital Chanel Visual aid like a basic Jpeg, Animated visuals and transitions, PDF loaded onto a Tablet and a Laptop.
Digital Visual Aid provides an opportunity to increase the level of interaction and engagement with the Doctors. We also planning a highly interactive and responsive android application linked to the back-end CRM system.
After the COVID pandemic, digital now being inevitable, pharma marketers are forced to go back to the basics process of effective communication. Not just pharma companies but doctors, marketers and even also public changing their habits. Now by choice or by force, Indian pharmaceutical companies seem to be finally entering the “Digital transformation."
These four points should be in a Digital Visual aid
1. Attention, 2. Interest, 3. Desire, and 4. Action. It is called AIDA. 
We understand that your target customers (Doctors) on digital platforms give a lesser span of attention. So, we write short and crisp communication to make your brand make space in the subconscious minds of doctors.
Doctors are not able to notice your brand until they didn't come across your brand aid at least 7 times
After they see your brand visual aid 7 times, then they will start prescribing to the patient. In short digital visual aid should be relatively smaller and crispy. 

e Visual aid Video

Higher Performance E Visual aid

Crispy and short e visual aid is always effective on the  digital platform.  

Flexibility and Results

We use punchline and brand name of a product on front page to reduce unnecessary disturbance. and second page contain scientific trail and indications.  


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