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We offer All graphic designing for Pharmaceutical like Visual aid, LBL, Outer cartons, Mono cartons designs, Catch cover, Labels for Neutraceuticals, Syrups, Foil artwork in ups, Tube artwork, Sachet artwork, Shrink Label for bottles
and FMCG companies.

No business can survive without digital marketing and in today's generation digital is the way to go. Whether you are looking for Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM), or Paid Advertisements, our team of experts can guide you through all of it. Market like the year you are in switch to digital and see a positive ROI on your spending.

For web designing, SEO and Digital marketing, we have specialized departments for each service with synergy between the teams, we implement strategies in one concerted effort. We research your niche and work hard to get you to the top of your niche!

Creative Pharma Visual Aid Design and Printing service

Our Unique Visual aid designs are conceptual, leverage scientific content with the latest trial references, and have attractive design elements which make our visual aid impressive. This makes your sales representatives confident and retains the Doctor’s attention. Clear and point-to-point time consuming visual aid is our specialty. 
A good design is what separates a business from a brand, Logos, Brochures, Presentations, Social Media creatives, Banners, Advertisements, Mock-ups are some of the plethora of designs that are possible. We can design your imagination.

Pharma Visual Aid

We design and print all types of pharma visual aid for pharma startups  at a very reasonable price. And customized visual aid for established pharmaceutical companies. We cover all the
general segment, Ophthalmic Visual aid,  Oncology Visual aid , Dermatology Visual aid , Trichology visual aid, Nephrology Visual aid and Ayurvedic Visual aid, Veterinary Visual aid, etc.
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e Visual Aid

Pharmaceutical companies are rapidly replacing the traditional paper printed Visual Aid with digital Chanel Visual aid like a basic Jpeg, PDF loaded onto a Tablet and Laptop.
Digital Visual Aid provides an opportunity to increase the level of interaction and engagement with the Doctors. We also planing a highly interactive and responsive android application linked to the back-end CRM system. more...

Pharma Packaging Design

We have a professional designer for pharma packaging, OTC, Labels, Sticker designing. as well as Aluminium foil, Sachets, Shrink, Tube artwork etc. We also maintain an artwork management system to provide day-to-day changes and updates in the artworks with new codes. 

FMCG Packaging Design

We also FMCG Packaging design like Spices packaging, Noodles,  Cosmetics, Detergent, Soaps, Perfumes, Protein Powders packaging, Nutraceuticals labels, cartons and many more.
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Web Design Service, SEO and Digital Marketing

The website is the face of your company on the internet. Technology is changing rapidly. Having a good modern website makes you and your team more confident and leaves a positive impact on your visitors. 
Website insure your 24/7 online presence even when it is Sunday or holiday. 

Mobile website design

Why to chose us:
Our mobile-friendly websites are Crystal clear, ultra-fast, smooth and enable to AMP technology. It responds effectively on multiple devices.
Conversions fall by 12% for every extra second a web page takes to load. AMP technology offers a way for you to give users a faster experience everywhere on ads, landing pages, or your entire website.

SEO Service 

Our SEO services are design for both Global & Local Enterprises. If you are seriously looking for business growth, and improving your site visibility for organic search. Gnx Digital delivers high-quality, targeted traffic to your website. We target on-page and off-page SEO, which includes things like keyword research, Geo-targeting, local search, and content implementation, to help your most valuable customer find you online easily.

Website Analysis

Technically analysis of your website is the first step of our SEO to find an organic results. It is extremely important for all businesses to allow us to do website auditing.

Keyword Research

Our keywords research and analysis are at the heart of our services. The keywords we target help us define the audience and drive relevant traffic to your website.

Competitor Analysis

In this term, we identify your most competitors and evaluate their strategies - to analyze their weaknesses and strengths compared to your service or product.

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Video Editing Service

Make your video an effective way 
We provide Corporate video editing for our clients. Video editing for YouTube channel, Intro page Ingratiation video, Product promotion video for social media.      

Digital Marketing

Which services are best for your business depends on a below things:
~Your budget
~Your goals
~Your product/Service
~Your target audience
~And many other factors

Go Digital Local or global 

Pay per click (PPC)

SEO offers long-term growth, but you need an immediate boost in your business. Gnx PPC campaign ensures that the money you spend is put to the very best possible use.

Social Media Marketing

In Social media marketing Facebook and Instagram is a important element in staying connected with your audience. Working smartly we help to keep your social community engaged.

Display advertising Service

Display advertising is a form of PPC marketing that targets unsuspecting consumers. Create engaging ads that grow brand awareness and resonate with customers before they need you.


Graphic Designing

Web Design and SEO

Digital Marketing

Video Editing Service 

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